It is small, easy to drive and versatile - Cuckoo is perfectly happy to go off the beaten path, visit music festivals or explore busy European capitals. It is also very economical to drive as its fuel consumption is really low, so you will be able to cover big distances and not spending a fortune!

A practical option for your travel needs, our Cuckoo campervan is the perfect match to your dynamic holiday. Its compact size makes for an ideal vehicle both for city driving, as well as remote road adventures. It is perfect for two. Cuckoo has a comfortable 200*140 cm bed. A lot of storage space and a practical kitchen that will allow you to cook a hearty meal or a simple morning coffee.

Motorhome data
Manufacturer Citroen
Engine power HP
Certified seats 2
Number of beds 2
Motorhome length 4380 mm
Motorhome heigh 1801 mm
Motorhome weight 1810 mm
Fresh water 13 l
Heating /


13.7. – 24.8.

to 6 nights

64€ Per night

7 to 12 nights

61€ Per night

13 to 18 nights

58€ Per night

more than 18 nights

53€ Per night


19.6. - 13.7., during autumn holiday and during the May day holiday

to 6 nights

60€ Per night

7 to 12 nights

56€ Per night

13 to 18 nights

53€ Per night

more than 18 nights

50€ Per night


All other terms

to 6 nights

56€ Per night

7 to 12 nights

52€ Per night

13 to 18 nights

49€ Per night

more than 18 nights

46€ Per night

Gas alarm3 € /day

Additional flask of toilet chemicals20 € /pcs

Additional gas cylinder 10kg(if you lose a gas cylinder we will charge 120€)30 € /pcs

Electric bike15 € /day

Electric scooter8 € /day

Garmin for motorhome (Camper 760LMT-D)50 € /rent

Inverter (12V/220V)40 € /rent

Bicycle9 € /day

Kitchen utensils30 € /rent

SUP (paddling) equipment15 € /day

Bike rack (max. 4)50 € /rent

Snorkling gear15 € /rent

Infant Car Seats (0-9kg)30 € /rent

Child car seat (18-36kg)30 € /rent

Child car seat (9-18kg)30 € /rent

Child camping chair for feeding20 € /rent

Booster seat (36kg+)30 € /rent

Child bike seat20 € /rent

Picnic table with carpet25 € /rent

Picnic chair5 € /rent

Gas grill (BBQ)7 € /day

Bedding per person15 € /rent

Set of towels (1 large and 1 small)5 € /rent

snow chains10 € /rent

Sleeping bag15 € /rent

Tent (2+1 person)4 € /day

Hammock10 € /rent