Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. The motorhome can be rented by a person who:
·         presents an identification document with a photograph, proving that they are at least 23 years old,

·         has had a valid driver’s licence for category B vehicles for at least 3 years.

A change in dates, locations, type of motorhome or other details will depend on the current availability and must be approved by the staff of Slovenia Camper.

Additional charges may apply (50,00€ administration costs).

However, we will always try our best to make our customers happy, so do not hesitate to contact us directly for individual requests.

In our fleet there are motorhomes and vans registered for 4 to 6 people. For more details on each model please check on our website.

A 50% deposit is required for the booking to be fully confirmed. You are welcome to pay the full amount straight away. Payment can be made by a bank transfer or via credit card payment. If you choose to pay only the deposit, the remaining balance is to be paid in full the latest 14 days prior to your arrival date by a bank transfer. 

Credit Card
All major credit cards are accepted, Visa or Mastercard. If you choose credit card payment, it would be best to do it in the office in person or via the phone. American Express Credit Cards are not accepted. 

Bank transfer
If you choose a bank transfer payment option, we’ll send you a proforma invoice with all the details you need for a bank transaction. After you receive a proforma invoice, you have 2 days to transfer the money to our bank account. During this time your campervan is reserved and will be fully confirmed when we receive the payment.


For renting a motorhome at Slovenia Camper there are fixed takeover costs of 145,00€. The price includes chemicals, gas, slo vignette, cleaning, preparing the contract and pick-up and drop off of the motorhome. 


There are different types of motorhomes on the market. They have different settings, some are more spacious, some are longer, better insulated… but they are all comfortable and you can find one to your taste.

Alcove motorhomes are very common in Europe. It is a motorhome where additional sleeping space is located above the driver’s cab. This structure is called “alcove” and accommodates 2 people. Our Alcove motorhomes sleep up to 6 people. The fuel consumption is 1-2L higher.

Semi- integrated motorhomes have the living space partially integrated with the cab. The cab is produced in series and the living space slightly extends beyond the outline. There is no alcove above the driver’s cab. At the front there is a drop down bed and is narrower than in the Alcove. Our Semi-integrated motorhomes sleep up to 5 people. Advantage of this type is for sure lower fuel consumption and possibility to develop a higher speed. The overall height of the semi-integral motorhome is lower than the alcove, which facilitates driving under bridges and tunnels.   

The most extravagant type are integrated motorhomes. These have a connected body with the cab, and the whole makes up a solid structure. Their biggest advantages are increased aerodynamics, the highest exploitation of space and great comfort and insulation. These motorhomes are created by producers from scratch, which gives them an advantage over semi-integrated campers and alcoves. The downside of this solution is higher price, and a higher base curb weight, which decreases loading capacity. Our Integral motorhomes sleep up to 4 people


There is no limit on the number of nights in the low season.

In the HIGH and TOP season, the minimum number of nights is 7.

Even in cases where we announce special promotions, there may be a condition of a minimum number of rental days.

On SUNDAYS, it is not possible to pick up the motorhome, but you can return it (returns until 10:00 a.m.).

Of course! You can find them all on our additional equipment price list on our website. At the time of a booking or at least 15 days before arrival let us know the extras you desire and they will be added to your trip. 


  • Valid driving licence B category for all drivers 
  • Passport / I.D.
  • Credit card of the renter (with enough funds to cover the security deposit if you are paying it by credit card)

Slovenia Camper operates 7 days per week, motorhomes shall be collected as agreed between 12:30 and 16:00 on the first day of the rental period.

Update: untill further notice we are closed on SUNDAYS.


You can pick up your motorhome in Šenčur, Rožna ulica 44, just nearby Ljubljana Airport.

Yes, when you rent from Slovenia Camper, you can leave your personal car at the Slovenia Camper parking lot (close to Ljubljana Airport). 

There is no surcharge for this service, it's free


In the event of having to cancel your reservation with us, please send us an email, confirming your name and the dates of your booking, using the email registered for the booking.

According to the Terms & Conditions we will proceed with the request and reimburse any applicable refunds or issue a credit note.


If you cancel more than 60 days prior to the scheduled pick up time: 10% of the rental price will be deducted and retained or 100% credit note that is valid for 2 years can be issued.

If you cancel within 60 to 15 days prior to the scheduled pick up time: 50% of the rental price will be deducted and retained (cancellation fee) or 90% credit note that is valid for 2 years can be issued.

If you cancel within 15 days prior to the scheduled pick up time: 100% of the rental price will be deducted and retained (no show fee) or you can get an 80% credit note that is valid for 2 years.


Yes! Slovenia Campers are pet friendly.
We need to be advised in advance if you are bringing your pet and there will be a 100€ additional cleaning fee added to rental charges.

If you do not announce the presence of your pet to us in advance, we reserve the right to charge you a fine of 300,00€. 


A security deposit has to be paid at the time of your pick-up at the latest. Can be paid by cash, bank transfer or credit card.

The amount depends on a model of motorhome you’ve chosen.


1.500,00 EUR


1.300,00 EUR

Therry/ Siena, Benimar, Bravia, Canada

1000,00 EUR


900,00 EUR

Kombi Volkswagen transporter,


450,00 EUR

Kombi Renault Traffic

350,00 EUR

Security deposit is an insurance for the motorhome for the time of your rental. It covers any damage caused per one event of an accident. It is fully refundable when the campervan is returned undamaged.
Depending on the payment method, if the deposit was paid:
  - in cash - upon return of the motorhome, after a thorough inspection
  - as bank transfer or credit card - within 8 days of returning the motorhome to your bank account, provided that the motorhome is not damaged. No credit card refunds! 


With Slovenia Camper’s motorhomes there are no border limitations for Europe.
You can drive everywhere inside European Union and through Switzerland and Balkan countries (Bosnia, Serbia, Montenegro, Albania and Macedonia) all the way down to Greece.
Green card (international proof of vehicle insurance) is included in your rental.

No, walking around the living area of the motorhome or lying on the bed it is strictly prohibited while the motorhome is being driven. All passengers must be fastened with a seat belt. 


If you are not driving around, we recommend charging the motorhome at least 3 times a week.  If the motorhome is being driven, it is automatically charging the back battery and will therefore not require as much external charging. The LED lights, water pump, 12V and USB plugs are designed to be energy efficient, while the 220V plugs only work when the motorhome is plugged in.


When hiring a Slovenia Camper you get your fresh water tank refilled with fresh water (100L). But if you rent a motorhome for a longer period you may need to refill the fresh water tank. We are really lucky in Slovenia as the tap water is drinkable anywhere. Also around Europe you will find water facilities that allow you to refill the water deposit in your motorhome. Camping grounds, campervan stops or fuel stations are normal places where this is possible.


All Slovenia Camper’s motorhomes run on diesel fuel.

Yes. Motorhomes have a few car plugs with 12V, USB sockets and standard 220V sockets (European format). They are placed all over the camper to provide you a comfortable living space. The 220V sockets will work whenever the motorhome is plugged in.

On the last rental day the motorhome has to be returned reasonably clean and refueled by 10 AM at the address: Delavska cesta 2b, Šenčur (nearby Ljubljana airport). 


We rent out clean motorhomes and we expect it to be returned in a reasonably clean condition. 

  • The grey water deposit and toilet cassette should be emptied.
  • The extras you have rented, like the chairs, table, kitchen utensils or SUP for example, should be cleaned and returned.
  • Kitchen towels, towels and bedding don’t need to be washed before returning. Just leave them in a campervan and we’ll take care of that!


Yes, you get a motorhome with a full diese and full AdBlue tank tank and you return full as well, otherwise re-fuel charges will apply (20,00€ + the cost of the fuel).


All our motorhomes are fully insured and have 24/7 roadside assistance. At the pick-up we will provide you with all phone numbers and documents you need to have with you.
In the event of any incident (a traffic accident, a break-in, vandalism, etc.), you must immediately report the event at the closest police station, regardless of the country of travel, as well as immediately inform us.

In the event of an accident involving several drivers, you must ensure the fulfilment of the European accident statement form and submit any police reports as well as the European accident statement to us upon the return of the vehicle.

If you fail to perform any of the above duties or duties prescribed by law in the event of a traffic accident or claim event, they shall be liable to reimburse us for any damage that occurs as a result, including the payment of insurance indemnity if the insurance company, for reasons on the side of the Lessee, refuses to pay for the damage.

In case of caused damage, you can never be charged more than the deposit you paid at your arrival for one event of an accident. 

If you are experiencing any other issues with the motorhome during the travel or have doubts about functionalities, you are more than welcome to contact the phone number available in your contract or reach us through email, WhatsApp, Viber or Skype as well.


We will receive a notification from the competent police department of a traffic offense committed. Depending on the country in which the offense was committed, the notice may be received within a period of one month to even more than a year after the offense was committed.
We will notify you via an email. 

Possible solutions are:
- You pay the penalty yourself and send us proof of payment
- We send your information to the competent police authority (if they indicate it as an option) and then they contact you directly
- or we pay the penalty and we issue an invoice with 3% extra for administration and bank charges to you. 

Note: The traffic penalty is valid for 2 years.
Please obey traffic regulations and speed limits to avoid traffic fines. 


So far, we have received notices of unpaid parking fees only from Croatia.
In this case, extensive pre-enforcement proceedings are initiated and the costs are due to the court translations etc. very high. We will proceed with the payment in the same way as with a traffic offense. Be careful and pay parking fees to avoid extremely high fines.