News and warnings

Warning! Camping in the locations which are not official camping places can lead to sealing of the motorhome!

We have to warn everybody who is going to go to holiday to Croatia by motorhome, that the campihg on unspecified land in Croatia is strictly forbidden and can lead to sealing of a motorhome.
Be carefull when parking the motorhome in Croatia.

Winter travelling

We would like to warn you about the special care which is necessary during winter travelling, and whenever the outside temperature can fall under 3°C:

  • Check if the motorohome has tires suitable for snow: winter tires or tires M + S!!! (Both are permitted in winter in Slovenia, some countries demand also chains or only winter tires etc.)
  • Check all the liquids in the motor
  • Check, that there is enough gas for heating the motorhome
  • Check twice, that you can handle the heating unit and change the gas bottle
  • WATER - the motorhome drains the water from the tank when the temperature inside is under 4°C. Warning: Keep the heating unit lit, even when you are not in the motorhome!

Quick warnings and recommendations for secure use of the motorhome

  • Adjust the drive to the current heaviness of the motorhome.
  • All the windows of the living part must be closed during the drive (otherwise the break because of the air resistance).
  • Don't burn fire near the motorhome! Move away from te motorhome, because the inner equipment is made partly fromwood partly from plastic and they both burn wel.
  • Conduits / derivations of the air shaft and fridge must be free.
  • Tenda: When opening it, the doors should be closed. Open tenda must be supported and tightened with support bars. When you are not in the motorhome, tenda has to be closed!
  • All drawers, doors, etc. are sensitive and open easily without force.
  • Keep the heating unit lit in winter, otherwise the tanks will automatically drain, when the temperature comes under 4°C.
  • For the toilet use the appropriate chemicals and biodegradable toilet paper. For rinsing open the flap first (left under the bowl) and press the button above the bowl for rinsing. The toilet case can be removed on the left side. It has to be 0,7 dl of the cleaning fluid and 1,5 l water.
  • The cooker: it uses gas. During the drive the cover has to be laid.
  • The fridge: it is recommended to use gas, it is possible to connect on electricity 220 V and 12 V. You have to clean the fridge after shutdown (before the return), the door has to be left open, otherwise the mould grows.