How travelling with motorhome makes your lifestyle better

Travelling with campervan in last few years has become very popular way of spending a holiday amongst families, younger and older couples. Many people are deciding to spend their vacation actively on the fresh air. One of the main reasons for spending dynamic, active holidays in the nature is that we are consumed with the desire to escape the urban cages. To get away from the modern, fast running life and technology that we are trapped into, sitting in the office for more than 8 hours daily, constantly being under stress and are not physically active enough to be healthy and happy.

Majority of people work with aceleration each year

We live in a society where expectations are high, we should give our best at work, we should be best parents, we should be best friends, sons, daughters, we should be there for our family and help them, we should be available anytime, we should exercise daily, we should keep our homes tidy, … we should always push our limits. An individual in our society quickly gets a work addiction, becomes obsessed with comparing, competitive and no matter what, must work hard to succeed. Even for the health’s sake. A person like that finds it hard to relax even while having holidays with his family. Depending on a smart phone, checking emails and social media takes your focus from the moment. You see else’s “achievements” on social media and start comparing yourself again. And so you are caught in a vicious circle.

We are disconnected from nature

From what is written above we could sum up that we are losing touch with nature. Many of us wish to spend more time on the fresh air but due to a fast-passed lifestyle are sometimes not able to. Stressful job that rarely lasts 8 hours, household chores, taking kids to the afternoon activities… The list of daily tasks is endless.

Just think about how much more time did our grandparents spend on the fresh air. They didn’t know computers, didn’t use self-phones, they were not exposed to thousands of information every day. They were outside in the nature any season of the year, waking up and going to bed early.

Vacationing in campsites is getting more and more popular every year

Due to different reasons most of us is not physical active enough during the year. Therefore, many are craving to spend their holidays outdoors. Being locked into an all-inclusive resort hotel is not everyone’s cup of tea. It is becoming more and more popular to spend holidays in campsites, in the nature, where there are options to stay in tents, mobile houses, trailers or motorhomes.

Nowadays almost anywhere around the world you can reach numerous campsites by motorhome. Under the awning of a motorhome you can set a nice outdoor area with picnic table and chairs, prepare meals and spent all day long outside on the fresh air. If you like the campsite you can stay for various days or continue exploring further and move to a next campsite. This way of spending your holidays is very dynamic and refreshing for your body and mind, since most of the time you spend on the fresh air.

Camping in the winter season by the ski slope.Camping in the winter season by the ski slope.

Campers are outdoorsy people

The main advantage of travelling by motorhome is not just spending a lot of time in nature, but also encourages you to be physically active and do some sport. Motorhomes are very practical to store some sport equipment, such as bikes, SUPs, Skiing gear, surfs…

If beforehand traveling by motorhome was mostly done in the summertime, nowadays that’s not the case. Road tripping by motorhome is possible all year around and every season has its charm. Spending winter holidays in a motorhome is becoming very popular too. In many places you can camp right under the ski slopes.

New and modern motorhomes are very comfortable, and cosy and skiing holidays can be an unforgettable experience for the whole family.

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