Camping after the Coronavirus

How, where and if are we going for holidays this year? What about camping in a motorhome? We are all preparing for the time after the coronavirus and are looking forward to socializing and being able to move freely. For camping trip with a motorhome, after COVID19, to be as carefree as possible and for you to feel safe, we prepared a blog on how we care for the cleanliness and disinfection of motorhomes.

This year, in March, the whole world has stopped.

The uncontrolled spread of the coronavirus has brought a great deal of uncertainty and change. Since the virus and the disease are unknown, governments around the world have taken day-to-day interventions that have led, among other things, to restricted movement.

As a result, we also stopped rentals and trips at Slovenia Camper. At the moment, travelling is not possible, and it is right that we respect this, and obey the adopted laws that has been put in place by the governments, as everyone's health and safety comes first.

But even though everything seems to have stopped, the Slovenia Camper team is active - we are working in full swing and preparing for time after the corona.

Slovenia Camper team is getting all the motorhomes ready for the time when travelling will be possible.Slovenia Camper team is getting all the motorhomes ready for the time when travelling will be possible.

Those times will come anew, we will be travelling the world again, hang out with our friends, drink good coffee in cafes, go on family vacations

The crisis has shaken the global economy and one of the industries that will be heavily impacted by the pandemic is definitely tourism. We believe it will also affect society and each individual.

It has never happened before that the world would stop, that we would be forced to stay at home for weeks or even months, alone or only with our loved ones. Now we have time to stop, take a break, think about it, what will happen, what we desire, how we will move forward.

Not long ago, we were complaining that we are constantly running out of time for ourselves, for our loved ones, for cooking lunch, for sports, for reading books, for leisure or for just relaxing. Now is the time for all that.

Maybe we have already changed our point of view, we may soon or may not. Whether we want it or not, changes are happening, and it will be easier for us to accept them and adapt to them with a new lifestyle. You know the saying: Be the change you want to see in the world.

Travelling with a motorhome is an ideal option for spending your holidays after the quarantine, when we might still keep our distance from strangers, wear masks and avoid mass gatherings, as you only share the motorhome with your friends or family.

Read about how we keep our motorhomes clean.

In order not to worry about whether travelling with the motorhome will be safe and hygienic, we have prepared instructions for cleaning and disinfection of vehicles, which we follow to clean our motorhomes.

Because the health and safety of our guests, as well as our employees, are particularly important, we would like to inform you that all our vehicles are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected.

Cleaning equipment.Cleaning equipment.

All vehicles are disinfected with isopropanol (at least 65% alcohol).

To disinfect we follow the order: steering wheel and steering wheel controls, gear lever, multimedia, air routers, internal exit hooks, parking brake, buttons for moving windows and mirrors, storage surfaces.

The motorhome's cab is thoroughly cleaned.The motorhome's cab is thoroughly cleaned.

Alcohol does not destroy the leather covers, but the leather is preventively lubricated with a skin care agent after cleaning. The textile surface must be thoroughly cleaned and only surface cleaned with a disinfectant.

Inside the living area, the mattresses are thoroughly cleaned, and the surface cleaned with a disinfectant.

Parts of the living area that need special attention in cleaning are marked with orange spots.Parts of the living area that need special attention in cleaning are marked with orange spots.

We disinfect the command panel, awning bar, entry handle, window pegs, refrigerator, light switches, cabinet handles and door handles. Clean the dietary part of the kit as well as the kitchen block and the bathroom. And the vehicle is well ventilated.

The final step is completed by an external vehicle cleaning and disinfection process.

External cleaning of the motorhome.External cleaning of the motorhome.

After washing the vehicle with shampoo, we disinfect the door hinges, the entrance door to the living area, the service openings, the feces cassette, the fuel filler door.

After the cleaning the motorhome is labeled with a safty sticker.After the cleaning the motorhome is labeled with a safty sticker.

The cleaned vehicle is marked with a hanger, where it is described that the vehicle has been cleaned and ready for a pick-up. The motorhome is sealed with a safety sticker.

Following these rules, we will continue to have clean and hygienic vehicles and healthy guests and employees.

We are very much looking forward to seeing you again at Slovenia Camper.