New Bravia Vans will join House on wheels in spring 2022. New season isn’t only gonna bring new travel destinations, but also new options for choosing the most comfortable way of travel for your family.

Bravia Mobil at DüsseldorfBravia Mobil at Düsseldorf

The season 2021 ended fast but we are already working hard and preparing ourselfs for season 2022. Each year we strive to upgrade our fleet with quality campers well known marks. In the season 2022 we will collaborate with a slovenian family company Bravia mobil for the first time. The company strives for the highest quality and comfort and provides their reliability by remaking vehicles of wellknown marks Peugeot and Marcedes Benz. The first Bravia van will join us in late spring 2022.

Bravia SwanBravia Swan


The company was established in 2005 after a succesful 30-year-long tradition of making high quality furniture. They follow the principle of quality, comfort, practicality and spaciousness since the beginning. Seat of the company and manufacture is based in Vavta vas in municipality of Straža. Their mission is remaking relieble vehicles into quality campers.

Bravia Swan camper is designed and created with keeping the needs of costumers in mind — that is why they satisfy even the highest expectations. The camper equipment is with everything for spending the time in nature or urban places as carefree and quality as possible.

The company shows their success with modern production technology, qualified personnel, competitive prices and adjustable production. The vision of this family company is clear — they want to become one of the best and most recognisable camper producers in Europe. They are aware of the constant improving and upgrading of their manufacture and investing in professional education. They aim to ensure only the best quality of living in a camper no matter where you are.


With constant focus on ensuring comfortable living and quality made campers they strive for the usage of only the finest materials — the details are made out of solid wood and exquisite extra equipment. Build-in devices are products of well-known european providers like Dometic, Truma and Thetford. When forming solutions about improving furnirure technique they thrive by estetics and functionallity which is made easier due to many years of experience they have in furniture making. They are using chassis of Peugeot an they also offer mercedes Bravia models.

Beautiful detailsBeautiful details


Bravia van is in availible in six different models of campers. We have decided for two of them — SWAN 599 and SWAN 636 that are both most suitable for the needs of our costumers. Besides those two Bravia mobil also provides models SWAN 495, SWAN 599 TREND, SWAN 599 EDITION 30 and SWAN 699. You can read more about that on their webpage. In our fleet we will have Peugeot Bravia but they also have option for Mercedes Bravia.


With this 5,99 m long camper we will comply those who want to explore urban life of the cities, maybe travel by ferry and prefer nimble campers. Swan 599 offers 10m2 of comfort like you are used to at home. Living room can be easily transformed from dining room to hanging out place. In the back of the van there is a built-in bed with spacious storage place underneath. This year the company presented a liftable bed which is a novelity that enables an extra bed for the 4th member of the family. Those families of four which prefer a smaller camper will have an easier and much more comfortable travel from now on.

Double bedDouble bed

The lenght of the bed in the back of the van is 180–197 cm, width of it is 140 cm. The upper bed can be simply combined in only one bed with the bottom one so that the van can be suitable for fewer people.

Bravia Swan 599 - layoutBravia Swan 599 - layout

The storage under the bed is accesible from the outside and inside of the van. The bathroom is practically furnished with a shower cabin and rotating Thetford bathroom.


The Swan 636 camper is slightly longer than the previous one so it offers more comfort while sleeping. The sleeping area can be organised in two different manners — either with two separated beds or with combining them into one 197 cm long and 140 cm wide single bed.

Bravia Swan 636 - layoutBravia Swan 636 - layout

The livingroom can also be quickly transformed into a place to hang out. A well equipped kitchen is practical and right within reach. This bravia swan camper is suitable for two to four people and will be complemented with a bed insertion that is placed over the dinning table and all the way to the exit of the van. This extra bed can be used as a quickly set up bed for the kids.

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