Spend the night on traditional tourist farm Slovenia has to offer.

Experience camping in the surroundings of a true countryside life.

If you have ever spent the night in the countryside you know that it is an incredible experience. The opportunity to visit wonderful Slovenian hidden gems with your camper is great but the fact that you can even spent the night there is priceless. Agrotourism Slovenia offers her visitors is on a new level of exelence. The places to park your camper are on the estate of the farm, therefore in the centre of pure countryside living. It depends on the landlord which services you can take on the estate — somewhere you can fully service your camper, get fresh water, run off the waste water, fill up the electricity, but somewhere you can do none of this since the owners of the camp want their guests to fully experience spending the night in the nature.

In the following of this article we will present you tourist farms in Slovenia that offer not only a place to spend the night but also a traditional culinary kitchen and many exciting farm activities.

Due to low capacities of camper places we suggest you to contact the wanted tourist farm and ask for availability of the parking space.


Homestead FirbasHomestead Firbas

Homestead Firbas is the most beautiful tourist farm Slovenia has to offer.

Homestead Firbas is located in the north east part of Slovenia in the village of Cogetinci. This kind of farmstay Slovenia offers to any guests that want to get to know life on the farm through lots of fun activities.

First we shall mention that family Firbas is a family of culinary masters. They grow their own vegetables and fruits which are then used in traditional dishes of their area of the country, they produce their own vine and fresh cheese. Their speciality is homemade pear juice and viljamovka, a traditional Slovenian spirits.

The main room FirbasThe main room Firbas

The main room of the old farmhouse is now a place where they host the guests.

Besides the culinary specialities they offer some fun activities such as a ride with a tractor, bike rental, some sports activities, pool for swimming and a hot tub under the trees. The one that makes them a different tourist farm Slovenia owns is a chance for the guests to join the landlords in the morning and help them with work in the barn.

Staying at Homestead Firbas would be an experience of the countryside that you never saw before.


Šenk's homesteadŠenk's homestead

Fairy tale farmstay Slovenia hiddes in the mountains.

Šenk’s homestead lies under magnificant Kamnik Savinja Alps in the village Zgornje Jezersko. In the morning you will be woken up by rooster if you are willing to stay the night at their courtyard where there are places for campers to be parked. The animals are moving freely on the estate so don’t be surprised by the company of ducks and cats while having breakfast. Zgornej Jezesko is a perfect starting point for visiting the nearby mountains. Whether you are not an experienced hiker there are plenty nice walking paths around the village such as a walk around Planšar’s lake.

inside ambienceinside ambience

A wonderful ambience offers culinary and aesthetic pleasures.

Local dishes will not disappoint you at Šenk’s kitchen because they are made with love and only homegrown or homeproduced ingredients. You will be served local dishes such as buckwheat žganci, lamb, goulash, different stews and also buhtlji with homemade jam and mentha syrup.

Mountain meadows sure have their charms — let them impress you.

A wonderful ambience offers culinary and aesthetic pleasures.


Farm JelinčičFarm Jelinčič

Old country homestead offers a pleasant retreat from everyday worries.

Family Jelinčič lives in Soča and writes the story of the Farm Jelinčič together. Each of them contributes to the complete offer of the farmstay with their own talents. The road that leads to this magnificent farmstay Slovenia surrounds with the most magical landscapes you will see in the country. Through magical Triglav National Park you will arrive to the camp that is hidden on a spacious meadow between river Soča and a forest that scales on the surrounding mountains. You will for sure find your peace in this magical nature.

peaceful surroundingspeaceful surroundings

This agrotourism Slovenia offers to those who are searching for peaceful holidays with the possibility of various activities aside.

Guests of the camp will never be alone. The landlords are always there for a little chat and besides that the animals are a regular company on this farm. You will experience some great culinary delights with the offer of only traditional dishes typical for the Trenta vally. For lunch you will be served anything from homemade pasta, buchwheat štruklji and soča’s krafi which is an authentic dish for this part of Slovenia. They are proud of their rich collection of local cheeses from their own cheese dairy. In the barn they have aotochthonous breeds of sheep and cows. That is why you can get various sorts of cheese at Farm Jelinčič. Posočje district hiddes real Slovenian gems in his forests and mountains — one of them is for sure Farm Jelinčič.

Many tourist farms offer places for campers on their courtyard nowadays. But there are for sure only a few that are willing to offer their guests an experience so full of pleasant moments that they will hardly wait for the next summer to join them again.