By signing these General Terms and Conditions, the contracting parties, the lessee and the lessor, confirm that they accept them and undertake to respect them.

The lessee undertakes to treat the rented motor home like a good owner and not to destroy it on purpose or expose it to danger.

1. Renatl terms

A motorhome can be rented by a person who:

  • proves with a valid personal document (with a picture) that he/she is older than 23,
  • has a valid driver's license for driving category B vehicles for at least 3 years,
  • has a valid credit card or bank account card


After confirming the appointment, the lessor provides the lessee with a preliminary invoice valid for three days. The lessee undertakes to pay 50% of the value of the estimate within three days after receiving the estimate, which confirms the reservation. After receiving the payment, the lessor issues to the lessee an invoice for the payment of the reservation (prepaid invoice), which binds both parties. The lessee is obliged to pay the remaining amount of the rental price at least 14 days before the day of taking over the vehicle. For reservations in which the invoice is issued less than 30 days before the expected day of vehicle collection, the entire amount of the invoice must be paid within three days of receipt of the invoice. If the lessee does not make the payments within the above-mentioned deadlines, it is considered that he has completely waived the term of the lease.

Reservation cancellation conditions:

  • If the tenant cancels the reservation more than 60 days before the day of the pick-up of the motorhome, the lessor is obliged to return 90% of the already paid rental cost according to the estimate or issue a 100% credit with a validity of 2 years.
  • If the tenant cancels the reservation less than 60 days and more than 15 days before the pick-up of the motorhome, the lessor is obliged to return 50% of the already paid rental cost according to the estimate or issue a 90% credit valid for 2 years.
  • If the tenant cancels the reservation less than 15 days before the day of taking over the motor home, 100% of the already paid rent will be charged or an 80% credit will be issued with a validity of 2 years.

If the tenant is unable to travel on the scheduled date, he can transfer his reservation to another tenant who meets the rental conditions, but he must obtain the landlord's consent for this.

For each change of an already confirmed reservation, the lessor charges the lessee for 50 EUR administrative costs

If the lessee, at his own request, terminates the rental prematurely as stated in the Offer or in the Motorhome Rental Agreement, the lessor will in no case reimburse him the difference in the amount for the remaining duration (unused part) of the motorhome rental upon return.

The lessee has the option to take out insurance for the risk of cancellation of the motorhome rental on the basis of the invoice received, in accordance with the conditions prescribed by the insurance company.


The rental price is calculated according to the currently valid price list published on the lessor's website and depends on the vehicle and the rental period. The lessor reserves the right to change the price list.

The price includes:

  • renting a vehicle for an agreed period of time,
  • 22% VAT
  • compulsory and comprehensive insurance with a 1% deductible, with added assistance insurance
  • 400 kilometers per rental day, the excess will be charged after returning the vehicle at the rate of €0.30/km,
  • all basic equipment: electricity cable and euro adapter, water hose with connection, stabilizers, wedges and fastening belts for the awning, hammer, gas tongs. In winter, also winter tires, a broom and a shovel.

Fixed costs in the amount of €145.00 are also paid for each rental, which include the costs of handing over the rented vehicle, toilet chemicals, gas, degradable toilet paper, Slovenian vignette, external and internal cleaning of the vehicle and the cost of drawing up the rental agreement.


The lessee collects the vehicle in accordance with the agreement with the lessor, namely between 12:30 and 16:00 on the day of the start of the rental and returns the vehicle by 10:00 on the day of returning the vehicle.

The lessor can refuse to hand over the vehicle to the lessee for rent, if at the time of handing over he detects drunkenness or a different condition of the lessee that is not compatible with driving in road traffic.

At the latest when taking over the vehicle, the lessee is obliged to pay the lessor a security deposit, which depends on the purchase value of the vehicle and ranges from €900 to €1,500. The lessor is obliged to inform the lessee about the exact amount of the security deposit before the scheduled day of handing over the vehicle for rent.

The security deposit is intended to cover any costs that may arise during the rental period and for which the tenant is responsible, such as:

  • coverage of the deductible deductible for damage from comprehensive insurance and the loss of the insurance bonus, for each claim separately. If the tenant is involved in several damage events, he must pay the lessor the deductible for each damage event, regardless of fault. In the event that the tenant causes damage to a third party, the entire security deposit is automatically withheld. If, in any procedure, it turns out that the lessee is not responsible for the damage and the other participant or his insurance company reimburses the lessor for all the damage, the lessee is entitled to return the amount in the amount of the deductible franchise,
  • repairing any damage to the vehicle or equipment,
  • covering possible late fees in case of return of the vehicle after the preset drop-off time,
  • and in case of other violations of the contract or these general conditions.

The lessor undertakes to hand over to the lessee a technically faultless and cleaned motorhome, with a full fuel and AdBlue tank and a cylinder filled with gas, as well as the associated equipment specified in the contract or these terms and conditions.

When handing over the motorhome, the parties to the contract check the condition of the vehicle, check the operation of the vehicle's devices and equipment, and draw up and sign the handover record, which is part of the rental agreement.

All possible deficiencies, missing equipment, damage to the residence are documented in the rental agreement, any damage is also photographed and documented. The photos are kept by both parties until the deposit is returned or until the amount of damage and the person responsible for the damage are determined. If the tenant does not keep the photos, he cannot object to the authenticity of the lessor's photos.


The renter undertakes to return the vehicle to the place where he picked it up by 10:00 a.m. or on the day of return he agreed with the lessor. Outside of the high and top season, other agreements regarding the rental of a motorhome are also possible and must be written down in the Motorhome Rental Agreement, otherwise they are not valid.

The lease cannot be extended without prior agreement with the lessor. If the timely return of the rented vehicle is not possible due to force majeure or natural disasters, the lessee shall inform the lessor of this as soon as possible.

In the event that the lessee is late in returning the rented motor home to the lessor by up to 1 (one) hour, the lessee will be charged a late fee of €80. Each further missed hour is charged at the price of €180.

In case of unauthorized extension of the lease for more than 1 (one) day, the lessor will file a complaint with the competent authorities and withhold the security deposit in full.

Upon return, the vehicle must have:

  • empty tank for waste water,
  • a full fuel tank (Diesel),
  • empty cassette and cleaned toilet bowl,
  • roughly cleaned interior of the vehicle,
  • a full tank with Ad-Blue liquid and a receipt with which the renter proves that he added Add-Blue.

In case of non-observance of the above-mentioned items, the following will be deducted from the security deposit:

  • €35.00€ for emptying waste water,
  • €100.00€ for emptying and cleaning the toilet cassette,
  • filling the tank in the amount of fuel costs and an additional €20.00,
  • filling of Ad Blue liquid €3.00/l.

Upon return, the parties to the contract note the condition of the vehicle and check the operation of all devices. All identified deficiencies are recorded in the acceptance record and photographed, and are billed according to the price list.


At the start of the motorhome rental or upon collection, the motorhome has its exterior and interior cleaned. The interior is disinfected, the waste water tank is empty, the clean water is full. The fuel tank and Ad Blue are full. Upon return, the renter must return the motorhome roughly cleaned - this means that there is no rubbish from the packaging, food remains in the motorhome, there is no food in the cupboards and the fridge, the fridge has not been spilled with various liquids, mattresses, seats and upholstered surfaces have not been spilled, scratched or dirty , there is no mud or other stubborn dirt in the shower cabin, the toilet bowl is cleaned, the stove in the kitchen is not burned or spilt all over...!

If the interior of the vehicle is not roughly cleaned, the cost of additional cleaning will be charged in the amount of €50.00 - €150.00 (depending on the level of dirt - the lessor determines the price upon taking over the motorhome). If deep cleaning is required, the following will be charged:

  • €25.00 per seat,
  • €40.00 for a bench,
  • between €50.00 - €110.00 for a mattress (depending on the surface).

The lessee is aware that smoking is not allowed in the vehicle, in the event of a cigarette smell in the vehicle, the lessee will be charged an additional cleaning fee of €400.

The entire amount of the security deposit is returned to the lessee no later than 8 working days after the return of the motor home, provided that the vehicle is returned on time, undamaged and arranged in accordance with these general conditions.


All vehicles have compulsory third-party liability insurance, comprehensive insurance with a 1% deductible and 24-hour roadside assistance.

The listed insurances provided by the lessor are valid only in the European Union.

Transport of dangerous substances or things is excluded from insurance coverage. The insurance is also not recognized if the vehicle is operated by an unauthorized person / driver, or if the driver does not have an appropriate driver's license or if he / she is under the influence of illegal substances that prevent him / her from operating the vehicle, as provided for in the Road Traffic Safety Act, compliance with traffic regulations, negligence.

In order to cover damage to the vehicle and cover the cost of the deductible franchise and all other cases arising from the fourth point of these General Terms and Conditions, the lessee guarantees the business with a security deposit in the amount of EUR 900 to EUR 1,500, which is paid in full no later than the day the vehicle is taken over, in cash or by bank card.

The security deposit is the maximum amount to cover one damage event. In the event that the value of repairing the damage to the motorhome is lower than the value of the security deposit, a proportionate share is withheld and the remaining amount returned.

In case of several damage events, the lessor is entitled to withhold several deposits. 1 deposit covers 1 damage event.

The lessee undertakes to fill out a European traffic accident report or to provide a police report on the incident in the event that he is involved in a damaging incident (burglary, wild game, vandalism, traffic accident). The lessee bears the burden of proving that the damage was caused by a third party, if he fails to prove it, the damage is covered by the security deposit.

In case of a damage event, the tenant first takes care of his own safety and health, and then informs the lessor about the damage event, who is obliged to provide him with support, instructions and guidelines.

In the event of an accident and/or damage to the vehicle, the tenant must immediately take a picture of where, how and when the damage occurred. He must provide the evidence in writing to the lessor.

Insurance with a deductible (SAFETY DEPOSIT) covers damage caused:

  • in a traffic accident,
  • in a parking lot,
  • damage to the vehicle caused by the lessee himself/injuries for which the lessee cannot prove that someone else is at fault,
  • by alienating the motorhome. In the case of alienation, a police report is necessary to assert an insurance claim. The tenant must have the keys and driving license with him. Only in this case, the insurance company covers the costs or recognizes the alienation of the vehicle.
  • on the vehicle's equipment (bike carrier, awning, etc.)

RENTAL OF BICYCLES: The lessee undertakes to call the police and notify the lessor if the bicycles are stolen. If the tenant does not return the rented bicycles, he undertakes to cover the entire purchase value of the rented bicycles.

All vehicles that are rented out have assistance insurance.


The renter undertakes to use the vehicle with the care of a good owner and to respect all traffic regulations in the country of travel. The lessee undertakes to settle all possible costs or fines that would be forwarded to the lessor as the owner of the vehicle by the authorities. In addition to the lessee, the vehicle may also be driven by another driver traveling with the lessee who meets the rental conditions according to these general terms and conditions and is written on the contract as an additional driver. By signing the contract, the lessee assumes responsibility for all other drivers who will drive the motorhome during the rental period.


The lessee undertakes to immediately notify the lessor of any malfunction on a telephone no. +386 41 366 141 or +386 40 838 220, or to the email address and agree with the renter on the method of repair. Without prior agreement with the lessor, the lessee may not tamper with the vehicle, neither in the engine nor in the living area.

The lessor will not admit to the lessee any repair costs that have not been agreed, coordinated and confirmed by the lessor.

In case of breakdowns on the vehicle, due to which the vehicle is at the service station for 48 hours or more, the lessee is entitled to a refund of the unused part of the rental fee for the time of repair. However, the lessee does not have this right if the breakdown occurred due to improper use of the vehicle, a traffic accident, force majeure (weather, earthquakes, etc.), or any other reason beyond the control of the lessor. Improper use of the vehicle is considered to be any use that goes against the applicable legislation or the principles of good stewardship. In such cases, the tenant is also obliged to settle all repair costs. Damage and air leakage from a damaged tire is not considered a breakdown, and the repair is the responsibility of the renter.


In case of any accident (traffic accident, burglary, vandalism, etc.), the lessee is obliged to immediately report the incident to the nearest police station, regardless of the country of travel, and at the same time to inform the lessor immediately about the incident.

In the event of an accident involving several drivers, the lessee must ensure that the "European traffic accident report" form is filled in and that both possible police records and the European report are handed over to the lessor when the vehicle is returned.

To the extent that the tenant neglects any of the above-mentioned or legally prescribed duties in the event of a traffic accident or damage event, he is obliged to pay the lessor all possible damage that would occur as a result, including the payment of the insurance premium, if the insurance company for reasons caused by the tenant , refused to pay the damage.


When leaving the vehicle, the lessee undertakes to have the driver's license and the ignition key and the key for locking the vehicle door with him, as this is a condition for paying the insurance premium from the comprehensive insurance in case of theft. For breach of this duty, the tenant is liable to the landlord according to the general rules on liability for damages.


The lessor undertakes to hand over to the lessee a technically flawless vehicle without any defects or legal errors upon departure. The contracting parties agree that the lessor cannot remedy all defects due to the nature of individual defects. The motorhome is regularly preventively maintained in accordance with the instructions of the vehicle and upgrade manufacturer. If the lessor cannot deliver the agreed reserved vehicle at the time of collection (accident, breakdown...), he is obliged to provide the lessee with an equivalent vehicle (year, make, equipment) or a vehicle of a higher price and quality standard, without additional payments.

ZThe lessor does not assume any responsibility for the property of the tenant and passengers in the motorhome during the rental of the motorhome, documents and money in the motorhome, equipment of the motorhome, which are alienated or lost or stolen during the rental of the motorhome, or forgotten after the end of the rental. All of the above items are not covered by any motorhome insurance.

The lessor will inform the lessee by telephone about the objects found in the motorhome after the end of the motorhome rental and will keep the objects for another week, after which they will be thrown away.


The lessee undertakes to follow the rules of what is allowed in each country where he will travel (includes wild camping). The tenant is responsible for all taxes, fines and possible fees related to incorrect or unauthorized parking or camping, and at the same time in the event of possible confiscation of the motorhome by the authorities, he is obliged to reimburse the lessor for all costs related to this and to compensate him for the loss of income in the event that such intervention means a delay in returning the motorhome to the lessor.

The lessee undertakes to cover all fines and penalties incurred during the rental period. The lessor is obliged to provide the lessee with all notices relating to fines and penalties incurred during the lease as soon as possible.


Transport of animals in the vehicle is not permitted without the lessor's permission. The lessor can give the lessee permission to transport animals, and the parties agree on the relationship in this regard in the contract. If the tenant transports an animal in the vehicle, he bears an additional cost of €100.00/rental. In the event that the tenant does not inform the lesor upfront about the transport of an animal or if the animal is on upholstered surfaces (bed, seats...), he is obliged to pay the costs of deep and chemical cleaning in the amount of €500.


Free parking of the tenant's vehicle at both parking lots in the vicinity of Šenčur or Brnik is possible during the rental period of the motorhome and is solely at the responsibility and request of the renters.

Neither the lessor nor the owner of the facilities and the parking lot have taken out any special or additional insurances or protections for these vehicles in order to park the motorhome tenant's vehicle in the parking lot during the rental period. The lessor will take care of these vehicles and protect them from damage to the best of his ability, but damages (e.g. scratches, damage from bad weather, hail, etc.) are not excluded and in no case shall the lessor Soles d.o.o. be responsible for repairing these damages.

In no case, Soles d.o.o. does not assume any responsibility in relation to this paragraph in the event of a request for reimbursement of any damage to the lessee's vehicle parked during the rental period at the address specified in paragraph 1 of this article. The type and license plate of the lessee's vehicle is indicated in the notes in the Motorhome Rental Agreement.


The vehicle is equipped with a GPS locator for safety and easier tracking in case of theft.


The terms and conditions are written in two identical copies, of which each party receives one copy.


The lessor declares that he will carefully store all personal data that he will obtain from the lessee or his companions for the purposes of concluding this contract, and will use them exclusively for the purposes of implementing the rental contract.

By signing the contract, the tenant agrees to the use of the e-mail address, first and last name and country for the purposes of informing about offers, promotions, sharing advice and obtaining feedback.


The contracting parties undertake to try to resolve all possible disagreements and disputes arising from this contract by mutual agreement.

The parties agree that disputes arising from this contract shall be resolved on the basis of the provisions of the Contract and these General Terms and Conditions, and where the subject is not regulated by the Contract or the General Terms and Conditions, the legislation of the Republic of Slovenia shall apply. If the parties are unable to resolve the dispute by mutual agreement, the court in Kranj has actual jurisdiction to resolve disputes.

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