By signing these General Rental Terms, the contracting parties, the Lessee and the Lessor, confirm that they accept them and undertake to comply with them.

1. Terms of rental

The motorhome can be rented by a person who:

  • presents an identification document with a photograph, proving that they are at least 23 years old,
  • has had a valid driver’s licence for category B vehicles for at least 3 years.

2. Reservation of rental period and payment deadline

After the confirmation of the rental period, the Lessor shall send the Lessee a pro forma invoice with a validity of three days. The Lessee undertakes to pay 50% of the pro forma invoice value within three days from receiving the pro forma invoice, thereby confirming the reservation. The Lessee must pay the remainder of the rental price 14 days before the date of collection of the vehicle. For reservations confirmed less than 30 days before the planned date of collection of the vehicle, the pro forma invoice amount must be paid in full within 3 days from receiving the pro forma invoice. If the Lessee fails to make the payments by the above due dates, the reservation shall be considered cancelled.

Cancellation policy:

  • If the lessee cancels reservation more than 60 days prior to the scheduled pick-up time, the lessor is to refund 90% of the full amount of rental or issues 100% credit note that is valid for 2 years.
  • If the lessee cancels reservation within 60 to 15 days prior to the scheduled pick-up time, the lessor is to refund 50% of the full amount of rental or issues 90% credit note that is valid for 2 years.
  • If the lessee cancels reservation within 15 days prior to the scheduled pick-up time, 100% of the reservation will be charged or you can get 80% credit note that is valid for 2 years.

The Lessor offers the possibility of insuring the risk of cancellation with Coris.

If the Lessee cannot travel in the planned rental period, they can transfer their reservation to another lessee who meets the conditions, provided that they obtain the Lessor’s approval. The Lessor shall charge the Lessee administrative costs in the amount of EUR 50 for any subsequent change to a confirmed reservation.

3. Price

The price of rental shall be charged according to the pricelist published on the Lessor’s website and depends on the vehicle and the rental period.

The price includes:

  • the rental of the vehicle for the agreed time period;
  • a 22% VAT;
  • compulsory and comprehensive plus collision insurance with a 1-percent deductible, with additional roadside assistance coverage;
  • 400 kilometres on the day of rental – any excess is charged after the return of the vehicle in the amount of 0.3€/km;
  • all the basic equipment: euro adapter electric cable, water hose with connector, stabilisers, awning pegs and straps, hammer, tongs for gas, as well as snow chains, a brush and a shovel in the winter.

There is always extra payment of 145,00€ fixed costs, comprising handover costs, toilet chemicals, gas, degradable toilet paper, the Slovenian vignette, cleaning of the exterior and the interior.

4. Collection of the vehicle and security deposit

The Lessee shall collect the vehicle as agreed or between 12:30 and 16:00 on the first day of the rental period and shall return the vehicle by 10:00 on the last day of the rental period. Upon the collection of the vehicle at the latest, the Lessee must pay the Lessor a security deposit that depends on the purchase price of the vehicle, ranging from 600€ to 1,300€.

The security deposit is intended to cover any costs that may occur during the rental period and which shall be borne by the Lessee, e.g.:

  • covering the deductible franchise for any damage arising from comprehensive plus collision insurance and the loss of the insurance bonus for each individual claim event. If the Lessee is involved in several claim events, they must cover the deductible franchise for each claim event, regardless of who is at fault. Should it turn out in any proceedings that the Lessee is not responsible for the claim event and the other party or the latter’s insurance company compensate the Lessor for the damage in full, the Lessee is entitled to a reimbursement in the amount of the deductible franchise.
  • Repairing any damage to the vehicle or the equipment;
  • covering any late payments for a late return of the vehicle;
  • and other violations of the Contract or these General Rental Terms.

The Lessor undertakes to provide the Lessee with a clean motorhome in perfect working condition, with a full tank of petrol and a full tank of gas and the associated equipment listed in the Contract or these General Rental Terms.

Upon collection, the contracting parties shall examine the entire motorhome, check that all the devices are working properly and sign the takeover record that forms an integral part of the Contract. Any deficiencies, missing equipment and damage to the motorhome shall be entered in the takeover record; any damage shall also be photographed and documented. The photographs are kept by both parties until the repayment of the security deposit or until the determination of the amount of damage and the persons responsible for the damage. If the Lessee fails to keep the photographs, they cannot challenge the authenticity of the Lessor’s photographs.

The Lessee undertakes to return the vehicle by the agreed date at the location of collection. Upon return, the vehicle must have:

  • an empty tank for waste and clean water,
  • a full petrol tank,
  • an empty cassette and clean toilet bowl,
  • fairly clean interior,
  • a full tank with Ad-Blue fluid.

Upon return, the contracting party shall record the state of the vehicle and check the functioning of all devices. Any identified deficiencies are entered in the takeover record, photographed and charged according to the pricelist.

If the items above are not complied with, the following shall be deducted from the security deposit:

  • 25€ for emptying the waste water,
  • 50€ for emptying and cleaning the toilet cassette,
  • filling the tank for the amount of petrol costs as well as an additional 20€,
  • 10€ for refilling the Ad Blue fluid.

If the vehicle is returned late, the Lessee undertakes to pay:

  • 105€ for a delay of up to 5 hours,
  • 400€ for a delay of more than 5 and up to 12 hours,
  • the entire amount of the security deposit in the event of a delay of more than 12 hours,
  • in the event of a delay of more than 24 hours, an additional 250€ on top of the above costs for every started day of delay thereafter.

The Lessee is aware that smoking is prohibited inside the vehicle; in the event of cigarette smoke in the vehicle, the Lessee shall be charged a penalty in the amount of 300€

The full amount of the security deposit shall be returned to the Lessee within no later than 8 business days after the return of the motorhome, provided that the vehicle is returned on time, undamaged and in line with these General Rental Terms.

5. Driving terms

The Lessee undertakes to use the vehicle with due care and comply with all traffic regulations in the country of travel. The Lessee undertakes to cover any costs or fines sent to the Lessor as the owner of the vehicle by the authorities. In addition to the Lessee, the vehicle can be driven by another driver travelling with the Lessee during the rental period who meets the terms of rental under these General Rental Terms and is listed in the Contract as an additional driver.

6. Malfunctions in the motorhome and repairs during the rental period

The Lessee undertakes to notify the Lessor of any malfunction immediatley by calling +386 41 366 141 or +386 40 838 220, or writing to and reach an agreement as to the manner of repair. Without prior agreement with the Lessor, the Lessee may not interfere with the vehicle, neither the engine nor the living compartment.

The Lessor shall not recognise any repair costs of the Lessee not agreed upon, coordinated and confirmed by the Lessor.

In the event of vehicle malfunctions that result in the vehicle being serviced for 48 hours or more, the Lessee shall be entitled to the reimbursement of the unused part of rent for the duration of the repair. However, the Lessee shall not have that right if the malfunction occurred as a result of the improper use of the vehicle, a traffic accident, force majeure (extreme weather, earthquakes, etc.) or any reason beyond the Lessor’s control. Improper use of the vehicle shall be any use in contravention with the legislation in force and with the principles of due care. In such cases, the Lessee shall also be obliged to cover all repair costs. Any damage to and air leakage from a damaged tyre shall not be considered a malfunction, and the Lessee shall bear sole responsibility for its repair.

7. Actions to take in the event of an incident

In the event of any incident (a traffic accident, a break-in, vandalism, etc.), the Lessee must immediately report the event at the closest police station, regardless of the country of travel, as well as immediately inform the Lessor thereof.

In the event of an accident involving several drivers, the Lessee must ensure the fulfilment of the European accident statement form and submit any police reports as well as the European accident statement to the Lessor upon the return of the vehicle.

If the Lessee fails to perform any of the above duties or duties prescribed by law in the event of a traffic accident or claim event, they shall be liable to reimburse the Lessor for any damage that occurs as a result, including the payment of insurance indemnity if the insurance company, for reasons on the side of the Lessee, refuses to pay for the damage.

8. Vehicle keys and documents

The Lessee undertakes to have the registration certificate, the ignition key and the key for locking the vehicle doors on them when leaving the vehicle, that being the prerequisite for the payment of insurance indemnity arising from insurance against theft. The Lessee shall be liable to the Lessor for any violation of this duty according to the general rules of damage liability.

9. Lessor’s responsibility

The Lessor undertakes to provide the Lessee with a vehicle in perfect working condition without malfunctions or errors of law upon departure. If the Lessor is unable to rent out the agreed reserved vehicle upon collection (accident, malfunction, etc.), the Lessor shall be obliged to provide the Lessee with an equivalent vehicle (year, make, equipment) or a vehicle or a higher price and quality range without surcharges.

10. Camping and use of the motorhome outside camping grounds

The Lessee undertakes to comply with the rules on sleeping or camping outside camping grounds in every country of travel. The Lessee shall be responsible for any charges, fines and fees associated with improper or illegal parking or camping; furthermore, if the motorhome is seized by the authorities, they shall be liable to reimburse the Lessor for any associated costs and the loss of profit if such a seizure results in the late return of the motorhome to the Lessor.

11. Animals

Animals are not allowed to be transported or live in the Lessor’s vehicles. If the Lessee violates the restriction, they are obliged to pay the costs of deep and dry cleaning in the amount of 300€.

The Lessor may give the Lessee permission to transport animals; such an arrangement is agreed between the parties in the Contract.

12. Vehicle tracking

For safety purposes and easier tracking in the event of disappearance, the vehicle is equipped with a GPS locator.

13. General provisions

The General Rental Terms are made in two identical copies, of which each party shall receive one copy.

14. Personal data

The Lessor represents to store all personal data obtained from the Lessee or the Lessee’s co-passengers for the purposes of concluding this Contract safely and to use them solely for the needs of performing the Contract.

If the contracting parties agree that the Lessor may use the contact information for other purposes (notifications about offers, promotion, etc.), the parties shall agree on that in the Contract.

15. Resolution of disputes

The contracting parties undertake to attempt to resolve any disagreements and disputes arising from this Contract by mutual agreement.

The parties agree that any disputes arising from this Contract shall be resolved based on the provisions of the Contract and these General Rental Terms; for issues not governed by the Contract or the General Rental Terms, the legislation of the Republic of Slovenia shall apply. If the parties are unable to resolve the dispute by mutual agreement, the dispute shall be settled by the court with subject matter jurisdiction in Kranj.

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